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The Disciplometer

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He left you an example, so that you might follow in his footsteps.

1 Peter 2,21 b

Use the Disciplometer to discover your potential for spiritual growth. It's not something you can do on the side. You have to be committed, because taking a "spiritual inventory" is a challenge.

Come and discover how you can take practical steps in your relationship with Jesus!

The Disciplometer – for you personally

You answer a few questions as intuitively as possible

This is done digitally using a tablet, smartphone or computer. You assess your own behaviour and characteristics and rank given topics according to personal importance.

Your personal assessment

The Disciplometer produces a written evaluation based on the answers given. Discipleship is assessed in the areas of love for Jesus, prayer, obedience, commitment and missions. In each area, you will be given positive suggestions for growth.

Your personal assessment discussion

To ensure that no one is left alone with the assessment, it only takes place in the context of a face-to-face meeting. Together, we discover potential for growth and set specific goals. This is a very enriching process because it allows you to talk about issues that are rarely discussed in everyday life, but which are very important for spiritual growth.

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Twice as enriching: the external assessment

Optionally, you can add an external assessment. You will be evaluated by someone who knows you well. You will receive not only the results of the Disciplometer, but also an additional evaluation. This opens up further possibilities in the evaluation discussion and broadens your view of your life of faith.

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In 11 languages

German, English, Ukrainian, Arabic, Farsi, Hungarian, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Czech, Turkish

What people say

The Disciplometer – for your group

Discipleship thrives on growing together. In pairs and as a group, you will experience how helpful it is to open up to each other, show weaknesses and gain strength from them.

Independent use for groups, youth groups, Bible study groups

As a group, you can get your own access to the Disciplometer. After training, you can use it independently.

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Independent use for ministries, Bible schools or missionary organisations

As a ministry, Bible school or missionary organisation, you can even get access with your own "branding" and include your own texts. This makes the Disciplometer even more "your" Disciplometer.

Independent implementation access

Each leader will be given their own account where they can download and print out the evaluation sheets. These are in two parts, one for the participant and one for the facilitator.
One of the few requirements we have for groups is that the evaluation is not simply handed out to the participants without any comment.

Youth group experiences

My impression is that through the work of VisioM and the Disciplometer, questions and problems are discussed which, through the subsequent conversation, are the basis for new steps of faith. It is very encouraging to see that others rate you more positively in an area than you do yourself. I am always excited when young people realise that they are role models for others.

I can only recommend that your youth group actively seeks out opportunities like these. VisioM supported us in every way with the organisation of the event. You get help and guidance for you and your young people that will strengthen both your relationship with the group and their relationship with Jesus. For me, it was one of the best times because I saw young people being encouraged and taking new steps of faith.


How does the Disciplometer work?

It helps individuals and groups to become better equipped to live out their faith.

  • It is not about who is a better disciple, everyone has weak spots in their relationship with Jesus. Rather, each participant learns where they personally stand in following Jesus and in which areas they can make progress.

  • Evaluation through personal dialogue encourages participants and promotes commitment to the desired growth steps. It is recommended to find someone who can accompany this process.

  • When the Disciplometer is taken in a group, the shared experience enhances relationships with one another. This can also make the group more effective towards the people around them.


The development of the Disciplometer, as well as its operation, maintenance and further translations, costs money. Regardless of whether these costs can be met, it should be freely available to all. However, we do ask groups to make a reasonable donation.

Home group / youth group

  • 1 account



  • We ask for a donation of e.g.

40,00 €

Local church / seminar group

  • e.g. 10 accounts
    after consultation

  • We ask for a donation of e.g.

100,00 €

"Small" ministry, Bible school etc.

  • e.g. 20 accounts
    after consultation
  • own accompanying text
  • own branding
  • We ask for a donation of e.g.

250,00 €

"Big" ministry, Bible school etc.

  • e.g. 100 accounts
    after consultation
  • own accompanying text
  • own branding
  • We ask for a donation of e.g.

500,00 €

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